Media Quotes 15

“About a month after Mayor Daley announced his retirement, many aldermen are still too stunned to know how to function without being bossed. ‘Not being told what to do by the cacique is new to a lot of people,’ Mr. Munoz said.” – Dan Mihalopoulos; Daley’s Tenure Nears End; The New York Times; Oct 8, 2010.

“So while I love living in this adopted country of mine, I will never get the naches from shopping here that I do in America.” – Ann Kleinberg; Confessions of a Mad Shopper; The Jerusalem Post (Israel); Sep 5, 2003.

“The Broadway local line has the dirtiest cars — with only 27 percent of them rated as ‘clean’ in a new subway seat and floor ‘schmutz survey’.” – Vinita Singla and Jeane MacIntosh; R Gets ‘F’ For Filth; New York Post; May 6, 2011.

“Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour notwithstanding, women really aspire to be lissotrichous brunettes, since sleekness and shine – the season’s chief criteria – show much better on dark hair.” – Pamela Swanigan; Blondness: It’s Probably Not the Real Thing; Vancouver Sun (Canada); Jun 16, 2001.

“The writing is fast and punchy, the gore reechy, the science mad as HG Wells.” – Meet 007 Jr; The Times of India (New Delhi, India); Apr 25, 2005.

“While blessed with an abundance of natural beauty and resources, Chatham County is also burdened with the task of dealing with a mickle of vegetative waste.” – Robert Drewry and Virginia Lamb; County Develops Yard Waste Program; Public Works Magazine (Chicago, Illinois); May 2000.

“The Journals of Sylvia Plath may be intensely introspective, full of the agenbite of inwit, but they are just as intensely external, describing — with an attentiveness one can’t imagine in any male diarist — food, furniture, hair, flowers, colours, and clothes.” – Blake Morrison; Love at First Bite; Independent On Sunday (London, UK); Apr 2, 2000.

“Shakespeare is really clear that the skull is handled roughly. You know, there’s a line about being knocked about the mazard.” – Barry Edelstein; On London’s West End, ‘Hamlet’ With Human Skull; National Public Radio: All Things Considered (New York); Jun 4, 2009.

“This avalanche of information is threatening to swallow us whole, to waste our days and to overwhelm our own thoughts. Essentially, it’s the noosphere on steroids.” – Frank Bures; Digitized to Distraction; National Post (Canada); Nov 15, 2008.

“Down she slides not wanting to lose consciousness, chin nutating into bosom, yet straining in her mind to stay present.” – Forrest Gander; As A Friend; New Directions; 2008.

“In pubs across the land, the customers speak of little else but lunar nutation, especially since the moon is nutating at this very moment.” – Tom Shields; Fur Coats and No Moral Fibre?; The Sunday Herald (Glasgow, Scotland); Oct 1, 2006.

“Tendrils of pea plants nutate in the air and when come in contact of any support, they coil around it.” – Competition Science Vision; Apr 1999.

“An Imperial Tobacco memo predicted that the trend towards fewer smokers could ‘virtually wipe us off the map’ within 50 years. The writer recommended the company target ‘starters’ — company – newspeak for teens.” – Mindelle Jacobs; Smoke And Mirrors Fool No One; The Edmonton Sun (Canada); Nov 23, 1999.

“The Greyhound from Toronto pulled up and with a sucking pneumatic hiss.” – James Bartleman; As Long as the Rivers Flow; Knopf; 2011.

“This in itself set up a kind of suspicion about pneumatic claims that is, if someone said, ‘The Spirit told me.'” – Ben Witherington; Is There a Doctor in the House?; Zondervan; 2011.


Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

“My personal view is, why don’t you get out there and try to do something about the things that you don’t like, create the jobs that we are lacking, rather than just yell and scream. But if you want to yell and scream, we’ll make sure you can do it.” – Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, on the Occupy Wall Street protesters.