Benjamin Franklin

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Media Quotes 18

“The company has always been good at finding oil, whether by discovering new fields deep beneath the ocean floor or by schmoozing potentates such as Libya’s Colonel Muammar Qaddafi.” – Stanley Reed; Refilling BP’s Tank; BusinessWeek (New York); Jul 22, 2007.

“But this day Mansoor had turned five, and Ma used a sophist’s argument to call for a celebration.”
M.G. Vassanji; The Assassin’s Song; Doubleday; 2007.

“The staff is solicitous of its core customer; efficient with others.” – Alexandra Jacobs; Dennis Basso’s New Shop; The New York Times; Dec 12, 2013.

“His erstwhile colleague acknowledged Mr Myers’s absence. Has Mr Myers been stellenbosched?”
Does RTE Object to Frugality?; Irish Independent; (Dublin, Ireland); Nov 13, 2008.

“A woman who has helped secure the future of bell ringing across the east of England has been appointed MBE in the New Year Honours list for her services to campanology.” – Norfolk bell ringer Betty Baines Appointed MBE; BBC News (London, UK); Dec 30, 2013.

“The call buttons were pressed so frequently that the passengers were in danger of getting a suntan from the lights, and the galley sounded like a campanology convention for the deaf.” – Jack Leonard; Bad Altitude; AuthorHouse; 2005.

“How much the amethyst ring on her right hand mirrored the fading perse color of the sky.” – Lisa Kusel; Hat Trick; Hyperion; 2005.

“He noticed the perse under each lid, and the blue, death-struck lips.” – Thomas Keneally; Bring Larks and Heroes; Cassell Australia; 1967.

“She knew … stories which form part of an Iliad of obscure hatreds, quarrels, adulteries, marriages.”
Storm Jameson; Journey from the North, Volume 2; Collins; 1970.

“Professional football players are our gladiators. The only difference is that we, the fans, don’t, as they did at the Colosseum in Rome, put our thumbs up or down to decide a player’s fate. But then we don’t have to; they all but kill themselves. In each of his interviews, Mr. Cohen asks former players: ‘How’re you holding up physically?’ Everyone answers with an Iliad of injuries and woes.” – Joseph Epstein; When Defense Ruled the Game; The Wall Street Journal (New York); Oct 26, 2013.

“The richly coloured damask-covered walls do evoke the palaces for which many of the pictures were intended.” – Getting Away from Cultural Spinach; The Economist (London, UK); Aug 28, 2008.