Media Quotes 20

“The risk that an individual turns out to be a Methuselah now lies with the insurer.” – Moneyed Men in Institutions; The Economist (London, UK); Nov 4, 1999.


“During times of epidemic, the government established a lazaretto on the neutral ground.” – Jason Musteen; Nelson’s Refuge; Naval Institute Press; 2011.


“The Council House was a frame building, away from the rest, that had been built in the old, wilder days as a lazaretto for surly drunks.” – Kurt Vonnegut; Player Piano; Charles Scribner’s Sons; 1952.


“She threatens me with weight gain on my upper legs, a muzzy head, and unclear thoughts.” – Life in the Raw; The Statesman (New Delhi, India); Jul 17, 2005.


“Mr. Sugimoto presents the buildings in a muzzy soft-focus. They look at once evanescent and veiled, as if they had secrets to hide.” – Holland Cotter; A World Where Life Can Seem to Imitate an Imitation; The New York Times; Feb 17, 2006.


“Columbus Moise, the old bachelor lawyer, who is soon to be a benedict, answered the toast.” – Miguel Antonio Otero; My Life on the Frontier, 1882-1897; 1935.


“With some he is a Hamlet, a divided man who is always questioning himself.” – John S. Dunne; Time And Myth; University of Notre Dame Press; 2012.


“The Baroness was right on one point: he was a Hamlet; his soliloquy might have run, ‘To be married or not to be married / That is the question.'” – Herbert Leibowitz; “Something Urgent I Have to Say to You”: The Life and Works of William Carlos Williams; Farrar, Straus, and Giroux; 2011.


“To some early critics, Mr. Büsser’s playful choice lacked gravitas.” – Victoria Gomelsky; Iconic Names for Iconic Watches; The New York Times; Feb 24, 2014.


“The false quotation was therefore one of those flashy worthless attempts at wit that I so much reprehend in others.” – Patrick O’Brian; The Truelove; W.W. Norton; 1993.


“The heady aroma of strong coffee perfused the cozy kitchen.” – Olivia Cunning; Hot Ticket; Sourcebooks; 2013.


“Maybe one small area of her brain wasn’t perfused well during the bypass portion of the operation.”

– Harry Kraus; An Open Heart; David C Cook; 2013.


“The noesis of the fact that tigers roamed these areas since there were no boundaries, nor fences in this forest, didn’t jab much at me.” – Vishal Gupta; A Bittersweet Nostalgia; Strategic Book Publishing; 2012.


“In an attempt to recollect the former few days, flashes of noesis pervaded my concentration.” – Jane E. Hill; So, Here I Stand; AuthorHouse; 2010.


“The issue has been a matter of debate with strong votaries on both sides.” – Road to Basel; Financial Express (New Delhi, India); May 4, 2012.


“The nuns have continued to insist on their right to debate and challenge church teaching, which has resulted in the Vatican’s reproof.” – Laurie Goodstein; Nuns Weigh Response to Scathing Vatican Rebuke; The New York Times; Jul 29, 2012.


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