“Any genuine pilgrim would have to fight his way past a ruck of tourists to get close to such an object.” – Keith Miller; St Peter’s; Profile Books; 2010.

“She ran across the room and tripped on the rucked carpet under the bed.” – Liz Ryan; Sometimes a Rogue; Hodder & Stoughton; 1997.

“One of the assumptions Madison and others labored under was that Britain would be too preoccupied with beating Napoleon to pay much attention to its quondam colonies.” – Joyce Appleby; The Washington Post; A Stumbling, Fiery End to War of 1812; May 5, 2013.

“Her body tingled with repletion and yet she was somehow unsatisfied.” – Susan Swann; The Ritual of Pearls; Little, Brown; 1995.

“Don’t fall for the old fat trap. That ponderous old set of resolutions you make every year: I will lose weight. I will work out. I will eat less dessert. We both know you’ll be tucking into a double chocolate chip cookie before the day is over.” – Ring in the New!; The Hindu (Chennai, India); Dec 31, 2013.

“Freedom awaits the rest of the group as soon as the ponderous Russian paperwork is complete.” – Mary Dejevsky; Putin’s Charm Offensive; The Independent (London, UK); Dec 30, 2013.

“But the landers found no other signs of biological activity, nor any organic compounds. If anything, the soil seemed inimical to life.” – Burkhard Bilger; The Martian Chroniclers; The New Yorker; Apr 22, 2013.

“Nor is JAL likely to suffer the ignominy of an immediate slump in the share price, as Facebook did after its IPO, analysts say.” – From Bloated to Floated; The Economist (London, UK); Sep 15, 2012.

“As Mr Barroso, a voluble sort, talked about strong transatlantic relationships and the like, Mr Obama gazed stony-faced at his shoes.” – A Surfeit of Leaders; The Economist (London, UK); Apr 8, 2009.

“Both remain intransigent in their respective positions without any real effort to negotiate in a democratic spirit.” – People Expect Democratic Practice from Two Top Parties; Financial Express (Bangladesh); Dec 26, 2013.


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