Media Quotes 16

“She mumbled, continuing her monology.” – Paul Jopling; Boleslaw’s Curse; Dog Ear Publishing; 2006.

“Raymond Queneau’s most attractive books are founded on a logomachy in which fine words are pitted against the not so fine.” – John Sturrock; The Word From Paris; Verso; 1998.

“In the grip of scotophobia — those palpitations, that slurry speech, the way she shook when it grew dark.” – Matthew Emmens; Zenobia: The Curious Book of Business; Berrett-Koehler; 2008.

“Alan Riach, professor of Scottish literature at the University of Glasgow, said he detected a trace of Scotophobia in Paxman’s views.” -Jeremy Paxman Ridicules Robert Burns as King of Doggerel; The Times (London, UK); Aug 15, 2008.

“The Indiana soldier’s letter, however, ‘has completely `knocked into pi` all the arguments [they have] employed.'” – Glenn David Brasher; Peninsula Campaign and the Necessity of Emancipation; The University of North Carolina Press; 2012.

“His worried face shone with moisture; rivulets of sweat slid down his jaw bone. A bleb hung from his chin.” – William Boyd; A Good Man in Africa; William Morrow; 1982.

“Even so, it is unlikely, analysts said, that China would jilt Khartoum for Juba [capital of South Sudan] — that would probably alarm other repressive and corrupt regimes, such as those in Angola and Equatorial Guinea, where China has forged highly profitable oil relationships.” – Sudarsan Raghavan & Andrew Higgins; China Caught Between Two Sudans; The Washington Post; Mar 24, 2012.

“She was a ‘bonnie lass’ in the words of her chief engineer; she was faithful, she was yare — an unlikely compliment for a vessel without sails.” – D.C. Riechel; German Departures; iUniverse; 2009.


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