Media Quotes 14

“While an excited babel of Spanish, German, Japanese, and Hindi emanated from the dozens of television news crews in the street, the response to Charles and Camilla’s I dos among locals was mostly We Don’t.” – Glenda Cooper; In Windsor, a Royal Pain; The Washington Post; Apr 10, 2005.

“What goes on in Brussels is glimpsed through a veil of muslin. Late night wheeler-dealing is not always recorded.” – Stephen Glover; Let’s Send More Reporters to Brussels; The Independent (London, UK); Nov 2, 2009.

“Tsuyoshi Morimoto said that when the economic crisis hit the international market, many big companies turned to Iraq in hopes that it would save them. ‘Big companies talked a lot about Iraq and paid a huge amount of attention to it. It is just like we suddenly built a Babylon, and now the Babylon is collapsing.'” – Qassim Khidhir; “Don’t Expect Too Much From Iraq”; Kurdish Globe (Arbil, Kurdistan); Jan 16, 2010.

“I was playing whist with the tabbies when it occurred, and saw nothing of the whole matter.” – Charles James Lever; Jack Hinton, the Guardsman; 1857.

“Kay Sekimachi uses tabby and twill weaving to contrast black and beige linens.” – Stunning 30-year Retrospective at San Jose Museum of Quilts Textiles; Independent Coast Observer (California); Jan 4, 2008.

“Mayor Carl Smith suggested that tabby fence posts be used around the cemetery’s perimeter because the oyster-based concrete would better fit the island’s character.” –
Jessica Johnson; Group Restoring Cemetery; The Post and Courier (South Carolina); Jan 21, 2010.

“A rabbi married the couple a few weeks later, under a baldachin made of four brooms and an old blanket.” – Henryk M. Broder; Holocaust Survivor Becomes YouTube Star; Der Spiegel (Germany); Aug 12, 2010.

“It was just a twitch of the earth, a routine shudder, one of many such minor terrene adjustments recorded in a millennium.” – Jerry Carroll; Fifteen Seconds Seemed Like Forever; The San Francisco Chronicle; Oct 17, 1990.

“It had not been billed as a farewell dinner, and Mr. Kemp hardly was there to deliver an apopemptic address.” – William F. Buckley; On Saying Goodbye to Jack Kemp; The Dallas Morning News (Texas); Dec 8, 1988.

“Addlepated inventor Wallace and his intelligent canine companion Gromit take up a new career as bakers in ‘A Matter of Loaf and Death’.” – Charles Solomon; Cartoon Shorts Vie; Variety (Los Angeles); Feb 12, 2010.

“Have you noticed that life seems a bit catawampus lately?” – Scott Marcus; Managing Stress; Times-Standard (Eureka, California); Apr 3, 2011.

“A well-used Old Town canoe lies catawampus at the entrance to the cellar.” – Stephen Williams; Why Ask for the Moon? The New York Times; Jun 10, 2007.

“The stalk is scrobiculate and at first slightly sticky.” – Alexander Smith and Nancy Weber; The Mushroom Hunter’s Field Guide; University of Michigan Press; 1980.

“‘To me it’s two dots that connect,’ Douglas Coupland says, ‘I don’t know if there’s going to be a third one so it makes a syzygy.'” – John Barber; Douglas Coupland; The Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada); Oct 2, 2009.

“Like a yob who starts a fight in a pub by saying you have spilled his pint, the Russians offered pretexts that both parties knew were ludicrous.” – A.D. Miller; A First-Hand Account of Life in Modern Russia; The Guardian (London, UK); Oct 21, 2011.

“A Saudi judge has told a seminar on domestic violence that it is okay for a man to slap his wife for lavish spending.” – Saudi Judge Says OK to Slap Spendthrift Wife; Agence France Presse (Paris); May 10, 2009.

“About a month after Mayor Daley announced his retirement, many aldermen are still too stunned to know how to function without being bossed. ‘Not being told what to do by the cacique is new to a lot of people,’ Mr. Munoz said.” – Dan Mihalopoulos; Daley’s Tenure Nears End; The New York Times; Oct 8, 2010.

“As GE Chairman Jack Welch said in a talk, ‘We’ve got to get more wampum. That means we’ve got to have more dot.coms.'” – Allan Sloan; Companies Creating New Coin In Push to Enter the Internet Realm; Washington Post; Jul 20, 1999.

“Soon, Art Buchwald set himself up as the laughing dragoman to American celebrities. The foster home boy became Our Man in Paris. He took Elvis Presley to the Lido.” – Lance Morrow; Franglais Spoken Here; Time (New York); Sep 30, 1996.

“Born in Jerusalem, Wadie Said went from being a dragoman to a salesman in the United States and thence to a hugely successful businessman in Egypt.” – Penelope Lively; Books: Out of Place: State of Confusion; The Guardian (London, UK); Oct 9, 1999.