Media Quotes 9

“Concerns a polar bear would suffer agoraphobia after moving from a city zoo to four acres in the Highlands were unfounded.” – Agoraphobic Bear Fears ‘Allayed’; BBC News (London, UK); Oct 30, 2009.

“As the emperor Janangir began his decline in the old familiar grip of dipsomania (both his brothers had died early of drink), his wife Nur Jahan took complete charge as his proxy.” –
Sunil Sethi; Jahangir’s Josephine; Outlook (New Delhi, India); Nov 27, 2000.

“In the USA, it is estimated around 10 per cent of people suffer from astraphobia to some degree.” Don White; Weatherwatch; The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia); Dec 11, 2001.

“Every time Ammon Shea came across an interesting word, he jotted it down, desperate to avoid onomatomania.” – Nicole Martin; The Last Word; The Daily Telegraph (London, UK); Oct 4, 2008.

“I’m not a prude, by any means, but with all her talent, Mariah Carey doesn’t need to use her bodacious bod to garner attention.” – Candace Hammond; TV News is Front and Center; Cape Cod Times (Hyannis, Massachusetts); Nov 6, 2009.

“A quantum jump in the volume of traffic has made major snarls on the capital’s periphery a routine affair for commuters.” – Dipak Kumar Dash; New Roadmap; The Times of India (New Delhi); Nov 7, 2009.

“There are few models around the world of coup plotters who have succeeded as civilian administrators. This is in part because dictators invariably begin to believe the sycophants who gather around them.” – The Savior Fantasy; The Washington Post; Oct 20, 1999.

“It was a movement that required the meticulous precision of a master surgeon.” – George Pelletier; A Christmas Story in Two Parts Eggnog; Nashua Telegraph (New Hampshire); Dec 24, 2009.

“The poet [Milton] sees the arrival of Christ in the world in terms of its impact on the pagan theogony.” – A.N. Wilson; World of Books; The Daily Telegraph (London, UK); Dec 23, 2002.

“Joe Palca: By the way, you may not be aware that the pig is only the second artiodactyl to have its genome sequenced — the cow came first.” – Renee Montagne; Scientists Decode DNA of Domestic Pig; Morning Edition; National Public Radio (Washington, DC); Nov 2, 2009.

“The country’s fair trade regulator suggested Sunday that the long-standing oligopoly of a few gas companies should be phased out by allowing new providers to compete in the market.” – Jane Han; Gas Monopoly Must Be Dissolved; The Korea Times (Seoul); Jan 3, 2009.


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