Media Quotes 3

“That I am becoming, or have become, xanthodontous cannot be of interest to anybody.” – Reginald Moore, Edward Lane; The Windmill (London, UK); 1946.

“And the piece de resistance: ‘He was woken early by borborygmus as his insides fermented and his intestines ballooned with gas beyond their capacity.'” – Ruth Dudley Edwards; Book Review / Straying Into A Dark, Ugly And Sick World; The Independent (London, UK); Sep 21, 1994.

“China is the unique case of a country arming a neighbour with nuclear weapons to countervail a rival.” – K. Subrahmanyam; Befriending the Dragon; The Times of India (New Delhi); Jul 5, 2004.

“When success came it palliated his sense of loss for a while.” – Frank Carrigan; John Lennon: The Life; Brisbane Times (Australia); Jan 9, 2009.

“John Singleton, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. spokesman, said [the ban on cigarette sales at Boston drugstores and on college campuses] does trammel on businesses’ right to sell what they want to sell.” – Stephen Smith; Hub Seeks More Bans on Tobacco; The Boston Globe; Sep 4, 2008.

“I walked into my local branch of Boots the Chemists as merry as a grig, with a twinkle in my eye and an annoying whistle on my lips.” The Weasel; Independent (London, UK); Jun 8, 1996.

“[The butterfly stroke] may have a fug of raw, sweating masculinity about it, but it’s also the most irritating of all strokes.” – Barney Ronay; Vladimir Putin’s Tough-guy Swimming Technique; The Guardian (London, UK); Aug 6, 2009.

“Granted, not many of us use a banana to hook the handle of a pot that’s slightly out of reach. But invention’s become a necessity for my wife, Kathi Langston, who, at 5′ 1″, has to contend with the kitchen that I, at 6′ 2″, designed and built years ago. … It’s clearly our Mutt and Jeff combination that’s getting in the way of a blissful relationship with our standard kitchen.” – Patrick Langston; The Long and Short of Living With an Imperfect Kitchen; The Ottawa Citizen (Canada); Mar 28, 2009.

“The disgraced former president Richard Nixon was paid $US 1 million for a 1977 interview with David Frost. … – James Reston Jr., Frost’s Watergate adviser: ‘I was in army intelligence … and the Mutt and Jeff, good cop-bad cop thing is usually two people, but Frost, he did both roles.'” – Ian Munro; Stopping the Rot; The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia); May 3, 2008.


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